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At CHECS providing high quality support and care to vulnerable people is the natural result of our positive attitude and approach toward people.

We specialise in providing care to people living with complex needs, challenging and high risk behaviour, medical concerns and physical and intellectual disability. We recognise these people need housing, respite, short and long term accommodation and we meet all these needs with tailored support services:

When can we help you:

  • we respond when we receive the message email, text, call we get back to you within the hour
  • we take calls from distressed persons as a priority
  • we need consents to work with participants you will be asked for this, we cannot work with you until written consent is given, if necessary via text, email or verbally followed up with formal consent

How we work with you:

  • we work in-line with industry quality and safeguards standards
  • with the view of achieving your goals
  • with all the people important to you
  • in collaboration with all services and stakeholders you use
  • with your permission and consent
  • with respect for you

Where do we work with you:

  • we service Brisbane, Logan and the Gold Coast
  • we work in various locations at any one time
  • we travel to you
  • we transport you

Who will work with you:

  • highly qualified and competent Disability Support Practitioners
  • hightly qualified supervisers

What types of behaviour support do we provide:

  • with or without restrictive practice
  • research strategies
  • reward systems
  • development of routine
  • therapeutic crisis intervention
  • incident/crisis intervention
  • emergency support
  • respite
  • 24/7 behaviour support in home or in one of our homes

Call us on 0420868340 ask for Margaret or email

We have visited many communities with our clients and helped them with memberships in swimming, golf, bowling, fishing, gyms, absailing, rock climbing, cycling, archery, camping, overnight stays, and many more clubs and groups of their choice.

We have also organised groups for dance, cooking, card games, bingo, jigsaw and chess, arts and crafts, scrapbooking, photography, group therapies and retreats, spas, massage, and healings.

Our staff have been bushwalking, beach hiking, mountain climbing, on shopping excursions, festivals, markets, theme park visits and much more.

There is a lot to see out there and we are happy to offer our assistance.

Call us on 0420868340 or email us at

Household domestics and tasks:

dont be afraid to ask what we can clean, iron or take to the trash, we can generally do it all!

Travel and transport:

we can travel with our clients or make short stops, appointments, recreation, hospital visits, trips away, camping, beach visits, programs we can help out

Supported Independent Living:

CHECS provides carefully considered and accessible homes, complete with 24-hour care, so that participants have little to worry and can concentrate on their goals work toward a fulfilling life.

Our homes consider each client’s needs, including those of visiting friends and family, to ensure clients remain connected socially and learn to become independent in their own homes if they arent already.

CHECS aims to assist young people to access age-appropriate housing and to be matched with carers and housemates (where applicable) that complement their personalities and interests.

If we don’t currently have a home to suit the needs of a participant, or in a desired location, we work with you to identify specific requirements and are able to quickly mobilise new facilities to accommodate their independence.

Check our available homes by clicking here.

Call us on 0420868340 ask for Margaret or email

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